MEGStrat’s Outsourced Research Support Services model focuses on undertaking outsourced business research/ processes. Some of the key deliverables and processes that the team is equipped to undertake:secondary-research

  • The team operates with standard reporting, monitoring and quality procedures with a 3-level quality check procedure (Language QC, Number QC, Logic QC, Format QC, Consistency QC)
  • The team’s expertise in generating quality deliverables using best practices and complying with SLA requirements is vital to add value to the clients’ processes/ research requirements
  • In addition to cost saving of up to 50%, our outsourcing model enables our clients to access quality workforce, reduce errors due to our monitoring procedures and mitigate attrition risk
  • MEGStrat integrates its secondary research practice with the primary research facility, wherever feasible, which yields the best quality of information available