We understand our clients’ strategic objectives and requirements, based on which, we design a suitable research based consulting plan to extract insights from the appropriate set of stakeholders for a business or an industry and hence deliver a holistic solution.

stake-holdersOur market research service encapsulates:

  • Industry Experts interviews
  • Focus Group discussions
  • Various types of research tools as applicable to your business
  • Results that not only support your decisions, but also help you plan the execution

The types of studies we typically conduct are:

  • Concept Testing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Ad test – Pre & after launch
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Employee satisfaction studies
  • Mystery shopping
  • Pre transaction due diligence
  • Market potential & trends studies

Our Field Network and Technologyfield-network

  • Our Field Network spans across major Indian cities with multi-lingual capabilities
  • ~400 Field researchers empanelled
  • Various data collection methods employed, such as, In-depth Interviews, Online Surveys (CAWI), Face to face interviews, Focus groups, CATI
  • As per the requirement and suitability, resources are selected from this pool and deployed onto various types of research assignments
  • Also offers Research Coverage in European region through various languages, such as, Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish

Privacy policy for Research Respondents.

  1. We promise to protect the respondents’ privacy and treat the information they give us as confidential.
  2. The information provided by the respondents would be used only for research purposes.
  3. We will not release respondents’ personal information to any third party without their consent.
  4. We will never try to sell anything to the respondents and we will never sell their personal data to anyone. That is not our business. We are not telemarketers or direct marketers. We are market researchers interested only in their opinions and behaviour.
  5. Their decisions about participating in a study, responding to specific questions, or discontinuing participation will be respected without question.