MEGStrat, key mentor at India’s first Bio-Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program at National Institute of Immunology

MEGStrat-Bio-EntrepreneurshipSunday. Sep 22, 2013

MEGStrat’s MD and Principal Consultant, Anurag D. Kapoor, spoke at National Institute of Immunology (NII), on Market Research in Bio-Entrepreneurship. Being the first of its kind, the forum is India’s first Bio-accelerator program. The program stakeholders include NII, Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT), BIORx Venture Advisors. The session was attended by 25 scientists and doctors who are prospective Bio-Entrepreneurs.

The session covered various areas such as Market Research (MR), as a part of the Business Planning process, How Can MR add value to a Business?, How does Research support VC/ Seed Funding?, The Research approach for Startups, among others and certain case studies in the Healthcare and Life-sciences space.

MEGStrat on Structuring Your Business Plan and Investor Pitch

Sat, Dec 22, 2012

A structured business plan riddled with errors? It may take your idea for a bumpy ride. You might have an amazing idea; do you have a structured Business Plan?

Writing a business plan and Investor Pitch are often a crucial and most important activities to help your idea or venture to get off the ground. A good business plan that includes all important and mandate information can help you evince interest from Angel investors, and hence raise money for your venture, recruit members of your management team, set your marketing strategy and perhaps best of all, refine your thinking. Learn the nuances of a well-crafted business plan and the ways to pitch it to investors in a way to make them stand up and take notice.

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MEGStrat on Revenue Estimation for Startups

Mon, Dec 17, 2012

An interactive session on “Revenue Estimation for Start-ups” was held on ConnectONE platform from Indian Angel Network Incubator, New Delhi in association with Start-up Village. The session was lead by Mr. Anurag D Kapoor (Founder & Managing Director, MEGStrat Consulting). The session was transmitted live to all the TBIs and start-up companies across India.

It was a great opportunity for participants to know about estimating the potential market and various steps for calculating the market size. The speaker emphasized that, one of the most important metric for an Entrepreneur is to estimate the prospects of an Innovation/ Business Model in the market which helps in predicting the revenue a start-up can achieve and at what growth rate. This interactive session was attended by 29 participants/ TBIs from various locations in India including representatives from several start-up companies.

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MEGStrat on the importance of Research in Approaching PE/ VC/ AngelAnurag Kapoor

Sat, Feb 11, 2012

MDI, Gurgaon: The role of market research is ever increasing, which is commensurate to the competition and maturity cycle in the Global business environment. Why is it so important? What are the objectives it caters to? Who is it relevant for? How can research support Seed funding/ Angel Investment? How can you do it on your own at a shoestring budget?

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